Active senior day in Gdynia

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On Monday the January 22 the Active Senior Day – IV edition took place at the premises of the Gdynia Sports Center. Several hundred enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle with the vigilant eye of professionals took care of the physical form and well-being.
This time the Active Senior Day was organized in the GSC Athletics Hall and at the Municipal Stadium. Not only sport activities were prepared for the participants, but also meetings devoted to the knowledge of the body and mind and a series of health-related workshops such as:

  • Activation of older people as a chance for successful being older.
  • Functional training for seniors.
  • Body and mind training.
  • Medical myths that can kill us and facts that can save lives.

The workshops were conducted by representatives from Gdynia Health Center, the Municipal Social Welfare Center and the SWPS University. Gdynia Sports Center offers regular activities for all interested. The city encourage seniors to
participate in the different forms of activity such as: yoga, fitness, Pilates or Zumba, in which everyone can participate, regardless of age or level of physical fitness.