Cestou zdraví z.s. is a non-profit organizations. Since 2013 we have been working with seniors, handicapped children, their families and other handicapped adults people with the accent on underprivileged Gross.

 We work and mutually interconnect the following fields:

  • Health and healthy lifestyle
  • Upbringing and education
  • Interest activities and the use of  free  time
  • Relaxation, active leisure, resisteace to stress
  • Social adaptibility
  • Integration
  • Tolerance and solidarity


The aim of our ACTIVITIES are to achieve long – term and sustainable quality of life, self – sufficiency, self – service, long – term keeping one ś job at the job market.


Our partners are:

The endowment fund AVAST, Rehabilitation Clinic Malvazinky and last but not least our partner organization Právě teď! o.p.s. With Právě teď o.p.s. we cooperate on the program “Train your brain, train your body to health continued”, Senior Camps, motivating tourist trips for seniors with motivation, mobility and education programmes.


Other activities are:

-summer camps for children

courses and lectures

fitness and rehabilitation exercises,

school of walking – determined especially for people after amputation of limbs and our new project Help Yourself – theoretical and practical education of seniors concerning rehabilitation, goal – directed prevention in their health care.



Cestou zdraví z.s.

Vrchlického 1984

272 01 Kladno

Czech Republic



Contact person:

Hana Čechová

+420 777 786 878