Article about MemTrain Project in European Journal of Human Movement

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We are proud to announce that our project partners from Miguel Hernández University of Elche just published article about results of MemTrain Project in European Journal of Human Movement.


Introduction: The MEMTRAIN project is a European Erasmus plus KA2 project were 5 sports associations from 5 different European countries and the Miguel Hernández University of Elche collaborate to create an exercise and cognitive training manual for older people. During the project, manual activities were tested in a pilot study. Methods: Fifty-four subjects from five different countries participated in the project, the treated group did a two-month exercise and cognitive pilot program developed in accord with manual instructions (n = 44). At the same time, a group which only did cognitive training tasks were used as a control group (n = 10). This study was developed in an ecological environment with real participants of the different sports associations. Results: After the pilot program, the participants in the pilot program improved their Inhibitory cognitive function measured with Stroop test and their Interference Index from the Stroop test. Moreover, there was an intragroup improvement in aerobic fitness, measured with six minutes walk test. No changes were observed in the word learning memory task, neither in agility Up & Go test. Discussion: Results showed that physical exercise program with cognitive training tasks as is proposed in MEMTRAIN manual maybe could improve the executive function of older adults opposite with only cognitive training tasks.

Keywords: exercise, older people, cognitive function, fitness

Autors: Laura Carbonell-Hernández; Eduardo Cervelló; Diego Pastor from Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain, Department of Sport Science.

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