There are two main outputs in the MemTrain project: the methodology for trainers (IO1) and the accompanying video youtube channel (IO2).

The methodology is now being created and you will be soon able to download it here:


Additional resources:

  1. 01_QR code_bibliography Science behind MemTrain
  2. 08_QR code_steps for Zumba
  3. 07_QR code_athletics more information
  4. 07_QR code_exercise descriptions for athletics
  5. 07_QR code_fat burns



  1. Memtrain and Science
  2. Mental Capacity Training using both Hemispheres of the Brain
  3. Nordic Walking
  4. APA – Adapted Physical Activity
  5. Athletics
  6. Zumba
  7. APA – Adapted Physical Activity
  8. Memory Games



Training manual_final