Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina has been a non-profit adult education and training provider for the community in the local region and wider for more than 56 years. During this period we have been covering 10 formal educational programmes that include both secondary schools and vocational training programmes (such as catering, cookery, sales, economy, childcare, transport, tourism).

Our organization has offered numerous educational programmes in accordance with the needs and desires of the adult population for further training and education. The field of informal education is covered by providing various seminars, courses, lectures, literary evenings and many more.

We also offer other forms of training that our centre provides, such as personal growth programmes, various workshops, computer courses for the unemployed and elderly, language courses, computer courses and accounting. We offer different educational programmes for adults with special needs for the local Care Work Centre.

We have organized training programmes for other educationally and didactically deprived groups of adults, such as the immigrants, the unemployed and foreigners. We also offer 19 programmes of National vocational qualification and we organize various courses for unemployed people, such as language, computer and accounting courses, language and dance courses for children in kindergartens.

We also have a University for Third Life Period, where we offer various lifelong learning activities to people over 55. The activities involve language courses, computer literacy courses, study groups, healthy lifestyle activities, lectures, workshops, trips and many more.

Our organization is also very active is international project, former Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus + programme.



Mojca Vukovič

Telefon: 03 818 24 40
Mobitel: 041 415 635
E-mail: mojca.vukovic@lu-rogaska.si