Prave Ted! o.p.s. is non profit organization.

Our Mission is: Development activities aimed at changing the perception of a problem of an aging population, as a society-wide phenomenon affecting all population groups.

Vision: Preparing for retirement at any moment of life „Právě teď!“ (i.e. right now!)


Furthermore, our work is specified as follows:

  • Ensure initiate activities aimed at education towards own age
  • Education of individuals, corporate education use of modern technologies for educational purposes
  • Ensure initiate activities leading to certification of volunteers Coordination of their work
  • Providing professional social stimulation services
  • Collaboration with other entities, cooperation on joint projects
  • Intergenerational Solidarity in practic

Our services (selection):

  • Memory training
  • Nordic Walking
  • physical activity
  • the program “Train your brain, train your body to health continued” with co-operation „Cestou zdraví z.s.“
  • “Senior Camps” package tours for seniors with a rich and motivating educational program possibilities and needs of the senior
  • Financial literacy, theater teaches financial literacy – author’s project
  • Computer Literacy
  • Cultural, social and sports events
  • Programs for companies, employee education,
  • Intergenerational solidarity



Právě teď! o.p.s.

Fügnerovo náměstí 1808/3

Praha 2 – Nové Město,PSČ 120 00

Czech Republic


Contact person:

Hana Čepová

: +420 603 852 740

: cepova(@)