Recipe for a good form. In the rhythm of the brainwaves.

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How to keep the brain in good shape? What is the best recipe for well-being? On this questions seniors from Gdynia got to know during the event RECIPE FOR A GOOD FORM. This time the organizer Experiment Gdynia focused on keeping the brain in the best possible shape.

During the meeting seniors could took part in different activities such as:

  • Dance workshops Zumba led by trainer from Gdynia Sports Center, Mrs. Monika Tran Van.

Dance, in addition to introducing us in a good mood, can positively affect our brain. We improve our motor skills, stimulate the core and cerebellum nuclei (responsible for motor activity and maintaining the body posture), engage memory (to remember choreography) and frontal lobe (understanding different dance techniques).

  • Workshops about the following topics:

Diet for the brain.

How does memory works?

How the brain cuts corners – where do illusions come from?

  • Meeting with enthusiasts of science and literature
  • Meetings with experts in such topics as:

How physical activity affects the brain – Dr. Wojciech Glac, Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk

How to develop your passions in retirement – Andrzej Rusinowicz, a volunteer who actively engages in the activities of Experiment Gdynia, a traveler fascinated by the wildlife of Norway, a fan of winter swimming.

The partners of the event were: Gdynia Sports Center, Activity Senior Center, Fly Foundation, Library with the passion and Municipal Library. Józef Conrad Korzeniowski.