Scientific results from the MEMTRAIN pilot program

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After the MemTrain project has come to the end, we are summarizing our achievements. Apart from the practical outputs of the project (being it the methodology, the videos or the exchange of know-how among the lecturers) we also focused on the scientific side of combining physical and mental activity in seniors.

The responsible partner was Miguel Hernández University of Elche – in the last months of the project, Diego Pastor from the Sports Research Centre of the University wrote an article entitled “Two months of physical exercise over cognitive function in older adults: The results of the MEMTRAIN project pilot program.” which has recently been send to an international journal for publishing.

In this research article, the results of the pilot program are analyzed and presented. The MemTrain program seems to produce some cognitive improvements in participants.

Now the articles must be evaluated by a peer-review process and improved after evaluators comments. We hope it will be published in some international journal in a few months (that is the normal process for scientific research articles). We will inform you about the results when it finally will be published!