Interview with UISP’s instructor

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The AFA benefits: interview with Lisa Crosetti, UISP’s instructor

Let’s start by dispelling a myth saying that AFA’s courses are only for elderly people. “In my classes – explains Lisa – the age group ranges from 40 years old people and up, in some cases reaching even some 90 years old” she says, amused. “Some people have more physical problems than others, as victims of accidents with long-term consequences, or simply because they suffer from overweight. This limits a bit some AFA exercises, which provides an important part of walking, for example. But everyone performs the exercises the more they can, without constraints” points out Lisa.

How’s your AFA typical lesson?

“It consists in a 45 minutes activity and this is very positive, because it allows the instructor to change the activities often so the customers don’t get bored. I like to make them do various exercises, of course following the AFA’s guidelines, trying to involve all body parts and working particularly on joints, not forgetting the final stretch, which I consider very important”

What to say, instead, of the AFA’s benefits?

“Some peope refer to obtain improvements after 2/3 sessions of exercises, especially in case of shoulders’ stiffness due to muscle contractures. Other, althrough it takes longer, recover some mobility in spite of a major joint range” says Lisa according to her experiences in recent years. “This prove that movement is life, movement is good. Not only for the activity that we’re doing, but also because it creates solid group dynamics. Among those attending the AFA courses, there’s complicity and enthusiasm to the point that, when members become too many, it becomes difficult to split the group into two. And this is also a personal satisfaction”.

Author: Fabrizia Lovarini, UISP Cirie Settimo Chivasso